Renegade Craft Fair 2017




 Holly Coley is San Francisco based artist inspired by creatures found on land, sea, and in the sky. She is a painter turned ceramic artist. Working with clay makes her happy.  She teaches, runs a small ceramic business, and has a cat named Enid. 

  Coley comes from a family of artists and makers. Her grandmother made porcelain dolls and her father painted and made jewelry. 

Holly teaches hand building at Pinckney Clay SF and drawing at San Francisco City College.


magical realism 

 My work is inspired by the characters and personalities of sloths, whales, and narwhals. I sometimes imagine what it would be like to live like an animal through my work. I use ghost and spirit imagery to stand as replacements for things/people missing from my life, and they have begun to take on lives of their own in the forms of Spirit Maids and Spirit Centaurs.  These creations take the forms of art objects and functional wares to keep art in your everyday. 

Handmade in San Francisco by Holly Coley